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Khalid Al Hail,

            Managing Director & CEO, Mowasalat

Karwa Driving School (KDS), a subsidy of Mowasalat was introduced in 2006, while the entire nation was preparing for hosting the 15th Doha Asian Games.   

Emerging as one of the business units of Mowasalat, the training school was established with primary objective of setting a modern standard per international driving principles.  

It is the only accredited company in GCC by City & Guilds of UK and received various accreditations from different prominent professional driver training organization from the United States and Europe; to name a few:  the National Security Council, ROSPA, IRU and the list goes on.

We have been active in preparing drivers of tomorrow through our training and development programs.

After eight years in operations, KDS has transformed into a dynamic world class driving school offering more than a dozen training courses ranging from learner up to more complex course in heavy equipment training.  

The Center was able to train approx. 7000 trainees in 2012 and was the very first driving school to be ISO 9001:2008 certified in Qatar.

Adding to the feather in the cap, in June 2013 KDS was awarded the Best Performing Accredited Training Institute by IRU Academy.  In July of the same year, it has been chosen as a Defensive Driving Course – Trend Setter Award recipient for outstanding training effort by the National Safety Council (NSC). 

The country is undertaking tremendous industrial expansion as seen today.  Truck and road haulage industries are critical to our economy. Transport of dangerous goods is evident with the current and future sustainable development planned by the State.  As Qatar gears up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the country’s infrastructure work carries on relentlessly.

KDS, working in parallel has taken amongst its initiatives the realization of professional competence and establish the foundations for integrated professional training building effective training capabilities, thereby enabling better and improved transport standards in the State of Qatar.  

Mowasalat thru KDS is taking the initiative and is working closely with stakeholders, partners and institutions to further build-up and set high standard training capacity and delivery of professional training programmes for the road transport industry.

Through the support of H.E. the Minister of Transport and Chairman of Mowasalat, Mr. Jassem Bin Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, KDS is set to build-up high standard training capacity and deliver professional training programs making real difference to transport’s economic and environmental efficiency.