Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Level 1

To drive ambulance under operational conditions


2 days 


Designed for:

This course is designed for individuals who are part of an Emergency Response team and are required to drive Emergency Vehicles under various emergency circumstances


This unit covers the competency to drive operational vehicles i.e. Ambulances.This includes safe operation of all vehicle functions and effective management of hazardous situations under operational and emergency conditions.  


 •Prepare vehicle for operational response

 •Drive the vehicle

 •Monitor road traffic under operational conditions

 •To demonstrate in a practical driving situation the ability to maintain personal safety, safety awareness and awareness of traffic conditions and other road users is critical.

Delivery Method:

Training will be delivered utilising theory and practical activities. Simulation will be based on actual conditions and will include walk throughs of the relevant competency components. Delivery will include instructor led presentations / scenarios.Course Outline:

·         Meaning of  Emergency Response Vehicle Training

·         Introduction to Emergency Response Vehicle Training

·         Objectives of Emergency Response Vehicle Training

·         Core Elements of Emergency Response Vehicle Training

·         Emergency Driving

·         Pre-trip Checks

·         Traffic Signs

·         Hazard Recognition

·         Intersection

·         Priority at crossroads

·         Scanning the Environment

·         Driver's Distraction

·         Hazard Recognition

·         Safety Zone

·         Maneuvering Space

·         Space Management

·         Type of Collision

·         Emergency Situation

·         Steering

·         Backing

·         Braking

·         Turning Exercises