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Professional Taxi Driver Training

The Karwa professional taxi driver training program actively promotes the integration of taxis into collective/public transport networks and protects the interests of taxi operators within the framework of the State owned transport company Mowasalat – Karwa.

Karwa Driving School - Mowasalat  is committed to constantly improving the core values which make taxis a sustainable mobility option: quality, attractiveness, safety, environmental friendliness and accessibility of its services - by further increasing the professionalism of its managers and drivers through vocational training  as offered by the IRU Academy, and by intensifying the exchange of best practices amongst taxi professionals.

Why train taxi drivers?

Taxi drivers, just like other road transport professionals such as bus and truck drivers, should benefit from high standards professional training.

Vocational training contributes to providing high quality service to passengers, safe and secure working conditions for drivers, and increased competitiveness for taxi companies.

Karwa Driving School Professional Taxi Driver Training Course is designed specifically to those who want to work as professional taxi driver, chauffeur or driver of community transport/private hire. Through this course, driver will gain a recognized qualification showing they have the skills in dealing with passengers, and a good understanding of vehicle and Qatar road traffic law. The course also covers subjects on how to deal with different types of passenger like person with special needs including children and adults.

The training program aim is to educate, train and create awareness in concerning:

•         Basics of Qatar Traffic Law

•         Safe driving attitude and responsibility.

•         System of vehicle control.

•         Safety performance improvement.

•         Vehicle mechanism

•         Customer care

•         Emergency procedures

•         Qatar knowledge & traffic flow route familiarization

•         Driver health & safety

We invite all our taxi franchise companies to benefit from our professional taxi driver training program and get your drivers to feel proud to be professional.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”