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Transport Solution


Karwa Driving School is the sole institute in the State of Qatar focusing on  continuous performance development of Transport Industry’s Drivers, Crew, Managers and Executives.

We are devoted to training of drivers and crew and assessing the system within the Transport & Logistics and Construction Industries. We educate drivers, crew, transport managers and executives through our Professional Training Programs to be confident in their ability in various areas of the Transport and Logistics or Construction sectors.

Through preventive and correct training techniques, Karwa Driving School delivers a quality product to help our clients accomplish their aim. Other knowledge obtained through our courses will give them the right training to work in the fulfilling environment of the Freight transportation, Passenger transportation and Construction Industries.


Our Professional Training Programs:


ADR Training Program – Transportation of dangerous goods by road

CPCD Training Program – Certificate of professional competence for drivers

CPCM training program – Certificate of professional competence for transport managers and executives

Professional Taxi Driver Training

Professional Bus Driver Training

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training 1 & 2

Eco Driving

Four Wheel Drive Vehicle Driver training

Defensive Driver Training Level 1 & 2

KDS-IRU Academy CPC Driver Middle East Program

KDS-IRU Academy CPC Manager Program


Modules Covered in our Trainign Programs:


Our professional driver  training program covers skills that are required by an individual wishing to participate effectively in the transport and logistics industry as a truck driver. The program covers information such as:

  • Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace induction / orientation.
  • Communication and working with others
  • Fatigue management principles.
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Safe loading / unloading and securing of goods/cargo.
  • Passenger safety
  • Route planning and navigation and delivery prioritization.
  • Accident and emergency procedures.
  • Customer service as well as the completing of paperwork and documentation.

Our professional Transport Manager training program and Transport Company Executive  training program covers skills that are required by an individual wishing to participate effectively in the transport and logistics industry as a member of management team . The program covers information such as:

  • Executive – Policy/investment decisions
  • Managerial responsibilities of any transport manager
  • Human Resources
  • Fleet management/Workshops
  • Finance and accounts
  • Sales and marketing
  • Road transport in the supply chain - Operations
  • Other Logistics services –Warehousing/Forwarding etc.

Importance of professional certificate of competence


Internationally recognized training courses (or what is better known as  training and certification) is an important way for industry to recognize your skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the training course you will be given a statement of attainment. The statement of attainment will highlight the specific skills you learnt and obtained during the course. The information on the statement of attainment will help the business you hope to work for determine if your skills are what they are looking for.