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ADR Training Program

Transportation of Dangerous goods by road:

When dangerous goods are transported by road, an accident could cause considerable harm to people and the environment. Spillage of the goods could lead to fires, explosions and chemical poisoning or burning.

Drivers and the crew involved in ADR business should be aware of the laws on transporting dangerous goods by road, and the procedures involved in classifying such goods.

Drivers of vehicles with tanks and certain tank components, and some drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages, must hold a special vocational certificate and obtain ‘ADR Certificate’.

All drivers and crew of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in the state of Qatar must attend an approved basic ADR training course.

ADR Program includes courses for Drivers carrying Dangerous Goods in both Packaging’s and Bulk (excluding Classes 1 & 7), and Tanks (excluding Classes 1 & 7).


About the  ADR Program

Soon Qatar Ministry of Transport will implement the ADR certification as a mandatory requirement for all drivers and crew of vehicles carrying dangerous goods,  Karwa Driving School as an accredited training center by IRU Academy has actively contributed to this highly specialized area in order to ensure increased road safety.

However, an agreement alone will not yield results if not properly implemented; the human factor must always be taken into consideration and addressed when considering road safety. Professionals need to be able to effectively put in place measures aimed at achieving greater competence and thus safety in the transport of dangerous goods by road. To help public-private partners meet these challenges, the IRU Academy has developed its ADR Program to provide high-level, harmonized training to all those involved in ADR transport.

Our ADR Courses are in full compliant with ADR Agreement while our training materials are specifically adapted to reflect the way road transport professional work including a vast amount of ADR movies and visuals.

Having completed the course, internationally recognized IRU Academy Certificates for each ADR Graduate will be issued, confirming their professional competence and widening their carrier opportunities.

The courses offered by Karwa Driving School equip drivers and crew with information and tools so that they:

  • are aware of the hazards in the carriage of dangerous goods
  • can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an incident taking place
  • can take all necessary measures for their own safety and that of the public and the environment to limit the effects of any incident that does occur

have individual practical experience of the actions they will need to take