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To ensure safety and comfort while travelling with a bus, driver‘s qualification is the most important thing to consider aside from his driving ability and attitude. This is due to a well- known fact that human error is still the main cause of bus accidents.

At KDS, our heavy bus course caters to different types of bus driving training to include school bus, employee shuttle and passenger bus operations. Our heavy bus course training modules are developed through in house extensive research, evaluation and training techniques proven effective by different training institutions from America and Europe Like Smith System, National Safety Council (NSC), International Road Transport Union (IRU), and Royal Society For the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in which KDS is accredited.

Course Outline:

·         Road Accidents involving buses, why and how?

·         Introduction to Qatar road Traffic Law

·         Alertness ()

·         Driving Attitude

·         Safety Equipment for Bus

·         Hazard Awareness

·         Vehicle Handling

·         Roundabout and Road Traffic Signs

·         Documents

·         Major Vehicle Controls

·         Understanding vehicle mechanics

·         “T” reverse and Parking

·         Practical Driving

·         Driving Assessment



 HEAVY BUS COURSE                    TRAINING FEE                         LERNER'S PERMIT                     POLICE TEST FEE                      TOTAL
 Full Course - 40 hrs. 4,000.00 150.00 50.00 4,200.00
 Half Course - 20 hrs. 2,500.00 150.00 50.00 2,700.00