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Light Vehicle Driver Training

Experience our high quality standard Light vehicle Driver training program and pass your driving test with high confidence level. Either for personal or for employment purposes, KDS Light Vehicle Driver Training package is designed to cater to the needs of today's transport industry by reducing occupational road risks and accident.

KDS Light Driver Training program is certified and accredited by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RosPA), International Road transport Union (IRU), Smith System and National Safety Council (NSC). 


  • Road Safety Theory
  • General Vehicle Safety
  • Vehicle Basic Mechanics
  • Basic First Aid
  • Practical Driving Training

 LIGHT VEHICLE TRAINING COURSES    TRAINING FEE                LEARNER'S PERMIT                 POLICE TEST FEE                       TOTAL 
 Full Course Manual Transmission -40 hrs.  2,700.00 150.00 50.00 2,900.00
 Half Course Manual Transmission -20 hrs.  2,400  150.00  50.00 2,600.00 
 Full Course Automatic Transmission -40 hrs.  2,700.00  150.00  50.00                           2,900.00 
 Half Course Automatic Transmission -20 hrs.  2,600.00  150.00  50.00                           2,800.00 
 Light Full Course (Fast Track)
Automatic/Manual Transmission-40 Hours
 4,200.00  150.00  50.00                           4,400.00 
 Light Half Course (Fast Track)
Automatic/Manual Transmission-20 Hours
 3,000.00  150.00  50.00                           3,200.00 


1. No Objection Letter from the sponsor. Letter must be translated in arabic and addressed to The Manager, Qatar Traffic Department. If under company sponsor, applicant must submit a copy of company ID/CR including Qatar ID of the sponsor.

2. Valid Qatar ID of the applicant. If Qatar ID is under process, applicant must submit a copy of the visa and passport copy. If Under visit visa, applicant must submit a copy of valid business/visit visa and a passport copy.

3. Four (4) pieces of Passport size Photo

4. Eye Test Result (eye test can be done at KDS)