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Medium Truck Training Program

The minimum age for learning to drive a Heavy Medium Truck is 21 years old.

Documents required to enroll:

1. Applicant must be at least 21 years old

2. No objection Letter from the Sponsor. Must be translated in in Arabic, addressed to The Manager, Traffic Department, Qatar. Mention the license type required i.e. “Heavy Medium Truck”

3. Copy of Company ID/CR copy is required for applicants under Company sponsorship; copy of sponsor QID is required for applicants under personal sponsorship.

4. Applicants QID copy, Incase if QID is under process, applicants may submit valid visa and passport copy.

5. Visitors may also for Qatar Driving License by submitting copy of valid Business visa or visit visa along with passport copy.

6. Four pcs. (4) colored passport size photos.

7. Eye test report (eye test can be done at Karwa Driving School)



MEDIUM TRUCK COURSE                    TRAINING FEE                         LERNER'S PERMIT                     POLICE TEST FEE                      TOTAL
 Full Course - 40 hrs. 4,000.00 150.00 50.00 4,200.00
 Half Course - 20 hrs. 2,700.00 150.00 50.00 2,900.00