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Why Safe Driving

THE FIRST 500 Kilometers Did you know that after obtaining Driving License, An individual is 10 times more likely to get into an accident during the first 500 Kilometers of their driving career? That’s Why we at KDS take driver’s education very seriously.

  • Change the way you think about driving
  • It will save your life & others
  • Drive Safe – Save Lives

Why is it safe to drive safe ?

It is very important to drive safely because almost every automobile collision could have been avoided if there would have been just one more second before the impact. Accidents can be fatal and they usually are. You can aim yourself or someone else for life. There have been millions of people who have been robbed of their lives by the mistakes of other drivers.

According to the survey there are about hundreds of people killed in a car accident each year.  In addition to the fatal accidents, roughly about thousands of people are injured in car accidents. You should always plan  ahead and know where you are going. You should also inform someone else where you are going in case of an accident or emergency.

Watch for the errors of the other person. Follow the speed limit. Over speeding can cause car accidents and so can going to slow. Keep your distance from the driver in front of you. Look behind you when backing up. Always watch where you are going. Pay attention to what you are doing and to your surroundings. Don't get distracted. Double check and expect the unexpected. You should always check your blind spots and your mirrors. Driving is a privilege. If you are alert today, someone is going to be alive tomorrow. Driving safely means that you and others on the road will live longer. You will become a better driver. You won't get tickets. You can save someone else or yourself pain that could come as a result from a car accident. In conclusion, there are many reasons why safe driving is important.

Karwa safe Driving Programs:

  • Defensive Driving Course for light and heavy vehicles
  • Safe loading and cargo securing
  • Heavy equipment operator safety training and certification
  • Ambulance driver training

Enroll to our professional safe driving programs and feel “Proud to be professional”.