Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent questions asked when applying for a driving licence in Qatar. Check them first if you have any inquiry.

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Yes, we provide free transport to our customers as from and to our designated pick up and drop off points. For further details just approach our reception desk at the KDS building, ground floor.

Yes you can call us and we will provide you with the available test date schedule once you passed the theory test and L parking & Ramp test. You should also have completed at least 50% of your practical training.

Visitors and tourists who hold a valid international driving license can drive in Qatar. However, once the residence permit is issued you are no longer allowed to drive using the international driving license.

Yes. You can request your preferred nationality of KDS driving instructors during the enrollment process. Your choice is subject to availability though.

Yes. Not only the theory test but also the L parking and Ramp test must be passed before you can start with your practical training.

Except for light vehicle driving licenses, an eye test is required for the renewal of all other driving licenses.

No. The Traffic Department conducts tests during weekdays only.

Yes. A proper dress code must be observed during training - including wearing shoes. For complete details about the dress code, you can ask your Driving Instructor as to what are DO's and DON'Ts during training.

If you are not satisfied with the Driving Instructor assigned to you, a replacement can be provided. Just approach any admin staff to assist you in this regard.

Required papers vary depending on the different types of vehicles. In general you will need 

  • a copy of your QID
  • an Eye Test for Driving
  • a completed course application form.

We conduct eye testing in KDS but we also accept eye test result from any clinic approved by the Traffic Department. Payment for an in-house eye test is QAR30 only.

You must apply for a replacement of the lost Learner's Permit (no practical training can be conducted if the trainee lost his Learner's Permit). Payment for the replacement of a lost Learner's Permit is QAR50.

Validity of the license as of 2020 is 5 years. It can be renewed after it expires.

You may call one of our admin staff at Tel no. +974 4458 8865, 4458 8151, 4458 8044