Tips to pass your license test

Obtaining a driving license in Qatar is not as difficult as you may think. Like everywhere else, you just need to be prepared before your test.

KDS has included some valuable tips for you which will help you pass your driving test from the first time.

Here are the tips which you need to consider prior to your driving test.

Dress appropriately

Impress your examiner with your best cloths and wear some perfume. Make sure your clothes are comfortable though.

Don’t argue with the examiner

Just take instructions from your examiner and follow them with the least amount of questions.

Don’t forget the basics

Remember to adjust your seat and mirrors before you drive. Also fasten your seat belt.


U - turn

Shift to the low speed lane after taking a U-turn in the roundabout fast lane.

Parking the car

Don’t suddenly stop when the examiner is giving instructions to park the car. It is required to park the car in a safe manner. Always park the car parallel to the road. Never park in front of any entrance, gates, or access to pavement for disabled pedestrians.

T - Junctions

When entering a main road from a secondary road at a T-junction, observe the road sign and marking applicable on that junction - whether it is a stop sign or give way sign. Wait until the road is clear of cars and pedestrians. Make sure you have full stop on a stop sign.  

Blind spot

Don’t miss the blind spot check at any time. If you miss it, you fail.

Applying brakes

Don’t  ever apply hard brakes for no reason. Hard breaking is a direct cause of accidents and examiners will fail you.


Choose the correct lane before entering a roundabout. Make sure to stay in your lane and to use your indicator when exiting the roundabout. 

Communicate with others in the car

Ask whether everyone is OK before you drive, and remind them to fasten their seat belts. 

Stay at a good speed

Drive confidently in a relaxed mood at a good speed (within speed limit of the road). Your examiner will not like it if you drive too slow or too fast.  

Changing lane

When changing lanes, don’t forget to check mirrors, the blind spot, and then indicate. Speed up, but stay within the speed limit when you change lanes.

Check handbrake

Before you start the engine, check the handbrake, and don’t forget to put the car into neutral gear for a manual car.

Entering the main road

Before merging into the main road, check your side mirrors, then your blind spot. Not checking the blind spot will result in failing the test.

Keep distance between cars

On exam day

Don’t get nervous! Confidence is your key factor of success, but don’t be overconfident. Give the examiner a good impression of yourself.