QACC – VNA Training

QACC - VNA Training

The QACC –VNA Training program was esetablished for the specific needs of the QatarAircraft Catering Company. Developed on the basis of international standards, requirements and best practices, it has a strong emphasis on safety operations and its main objective is to equip drivers with the knowledge and skills to operates the equipment in a safely manner.

The program is designed with a strong focus on key aspects such as:

Compliance with regulations of powered industrial truck operators.

Operational safety and environmental protection.

Safety regulations for industrial truck maintenance and lead-acid batteries handling.

Recognition and avoidance of risks.

Maneuver equipment in open and confined area including entry and aisle.

Understanding load levels and load chart.

Store and retrieve loads accurately in different levels.

Operator specific settings-driving-steering-braking-emergency stop.

Students will have to undertake a final theoretical and practical test to prove their new knowledge and skills.