QP - Defensive Driving Training

QP - Defensive Driving Training

The QP –Defensive Driving Training Program caters specifically to the needs of Qatar Petroleum. Developed on the basis of international requirements and best practices, it has a strong emphasis on road safety and its main objective is to equip drivers with the knowledge and skills to drive safely.

The program is designed with a strong focus on key aspects such as:

Perform all pre-driving checks.

Drive the vehicle safely, lawfully, and correctly whilst interacting with other traffic.

Maintain a safe space on all sides of the vehicle in all traffic conditions.

Observe, recognise, and correctly respond to all potential and actual hazards, and use the most effective hazard approach procedure.

Communicate correctly and appropriately with other road users.

Drive the vehicle at a speed commensurate with the condition of the load, road, traffic, and environment conditions.

Manoeuvre safely and efficiently in a restricted space.

Know what actions to be taken in the event of an emergency.

Develop safe driving practices.

Students will have to undertake a final theoretical and practical test to prove their new knowledge and skills.