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The Certificate of Professional Competence for Drivers Manager (CPC Manager) is a new qualification for transport managers. It is designed to specifically meet the requirements of the countries of the League of Arab States.

CPC Manager Middle East Program is aimed at transport operators and other professionals who are required to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence in order to comply with the requirements to access the profession. The program also suits the needs of managers and other staff who would like to improve their career prospects and develop their management skills and transport knowledge as well as to entrepreneurs and operators who would like to start their own transport enterprise.

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Course Outline:

This IRU Academy Course allows maximum flexibility in adapting training programs to meet individual national needs. However, all CPC programs cover the following subjects:

• Civil Law – Contracts, contract negotiations, claims, CMR.

• Commercial Law – Business organizations and legal obligations, constitution, operation and dissolution of commercial companies.

• Social Law – Codes of practice in industrial relations, roles and functions of various social institutions (trade unions, arbitrators, government agencies, etc.), rights of employers and employees, social security legislation, employment law and industry codes of practice, driving and working time regulations.

• Fiscal law – Motor vehicle tax, infrastructure user charges, tolls and taxes, corporate and personal income tax, double taxation, international and national rules on VAT.

• Business and financial management of the entity – Payments, bank credits, guarantee deposits, mortgages, leases, hire purchases, content and layout of balance sheets, profit and loss account assessment of the undertaking's profitability and financial standings, budgets, financial ratio analysis, cash flow management and cost management, organisational structure, work planning, marketing and public relations, financial risk management and insurance, electronic data transmissions, GPS utilization, route and load planning, invoicing, quotations, Incoterms, strategic partnerships, relationships and interface with other transport modes, freight forwarders, trade facilitation organisations, stock control, quality management and human resources management control, quality management and human resources management.

• Access to the market – Operator licensing, renting, sub-contracting, admission to the occupation, authorizations, inspections and sanctions, registration requirements, required documents and legal compliance, ECMT quota, customs rules, TIR system and Community Common Transit system, ATA carnets, procedures at frontiers.

• Technical standards and aspects of operation – National and international legislation governing the weights and dimensions of vehicles, vehicle requirements according to the needs of the undertaking, legislation and regulation to type approval, measures and practices for reducing noise and decreasing air pollution, vehicle construction, technical inspection, periodic maintenance, cargo handling and loading, piggy-back, roll-on roll-off combined transport, safety issues, legislation on the carriage of dangerous goods and waste, regulations and procedures on the carriage of perishable foodstuffs, rules on the transport of live animals, routing and scheduling vehicles, traffic management.

• Road safety – Driving licenses and permits, medical certificates, vocational driving and theory tests, minimum age, penalties and appeals, harmonization of social legislation, driving and working times, AETR rules, current practice in safe driving, traffic and parking restrictions, special zones, traffic rules, main provisions of the Convention on Road Traffic, safe working practices and risk assessment procedures and systems, traffic accidents and offences, main route network, driving techniques and driver assessment and incentives.

• Health – Implementation of procedures which will contribute to maximize personnel's physical and mental abilities.

Requirements to enroll

  • Valid Qatar Driving License
  • Valid Qatar ID
  • 2 Photos

Fee Structure

Course Duration Course Fee
CPC - Manager 32 hours  Group -Theory  2500.00


Payment Methods

Bank Card/Cheque/Online/LPO [Registered corporate customers]

Working Hours

Main Branch Street No. 37 East Industrial Area Road : 07:00am-6:00pm

Mansoura Branch: 4:00pm-8:00pm