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Defensive Driving Training

Course Description

This course is ideal for trainees who want to protect themselves and their families on the highway. Defensive driver training objectives are primarily focused on the competencies a driver should have to reduce the incidence and impact of vehicle accidents due to driver error, inadequate skills and abilities or poor practice. This training is also designed for companies that care about the extra safety of their employees on the streets.

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Course Outline:

Defensive driving training contents are designed based on an in-depth curriculum that is monitored by an instructor. The aim of the program is to train participants in various crash prevention techniques while developing a positive road attitude that promotes mutual understanding, cooperation and courtesy on the road


Driver’s role and responsibilities

Observation techniques and hazard approach procedure

Qatar Road Traffic Law and defensive driving techniques

Road signs, signals and markings. Signaling, Stopping and Manoeuvering

Weather, emergencies and vehicle checks

Roundabouts, Intersections/Junction rules, signaling and lane discipline (Diagonal rule)

Practical session with commentary driving

Requirements to enroll

  • Valid Qatar driving license
  • Valid Qatar ID
  • 2 Photos

Fee Structure

Course Duration Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles & Heavy Equipment
Theory + Practical
8 Hours
1000.00 1200.00
Theory + Practical
4 hours
500.00 600.00


Payment Methods

Bank Card/Cheque/Online/LPO [Registered corporate customers]

Working Hours

Main Branch Street No. 37 East Industrial Area Road : 07:00am-6:00pm