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EVDSP (Emergency Vehicle Driver Safety Program)

Course Description

This course was designed for emergency vehicle staff with responsibility to drive emergency response vehicles including Civil Defense Vehicles and Ambulances. The Emergency Vehicle Driver Safety Program focuses on the competencies the driver should develop to reduce the incidence and impact of vehicle accidents due to driver error, inadequate skills and abilities or poor practice. This takes into account the local and international legal aspects of emergency vehicle operations and other general rules.

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Course Outline:

The training will focus on the below content based on the vehicle control system. The training is designed to give the trainee the knowledge and skills in advanced techniques that are essential to the driving of an emergency vehicle.

Underlying theory, concepts and skills 

Driving Hazards

Acceleration, steering, reversing, cornering, overtaking

Correct driving attitude, concentration

Planning, observation and anticipation

Stress, Red Mist syndrome

Correct use of audio and visual warning devices

Requirements to enroll

  • Valid Qatar Driving License with a minimum of 2 years experience
  • Valid Qatar ID

Fee Structure

Course Type Category Course Fee
Initial ( Theory 5 hrs./3 days )  Ambulance Driver  4500.00
Theory ( 5 hrs. /1 Day ) Ambulance Driver  2000.00


Payment Methods

Bank Card/Cheque/Online/LPO [Registered corporate customers]

Working Hours

Main Branch Street No. 37 East Industrial Area Road : 07:00am-6:00pm