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Heavy Equipment Safety Operations Training

Course Description

This course is designed to train and assess operators in the safe operation of Heavy Equipment. Trainees learn how to identify hazards and take safety precautions. This course is devoted to educate those who work around or operate heavy equipment, since the implications of an accident can be serious injuries or even death.

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Course Outline:

During the training the trainer will focus on the below modules based on the compliance with regulations, legal requirements and common sense. The program will provide the participants with advice on issues surrounding the loading, use and maintenance of Heavy Equipment.


Function of Heavy Equipment

Classification of Heavy Equipment

Identification of components

Pre-start checks

Safe operation techniques

Safe operation practices


Shutdown procedures

Requirements to enroll

  • Valid Qatar Driving License for Heavy Equipment
  • Valid Qatar ID
  • 2 photos

Fee Structure

Payment Methods

1. Cash payments must be paid at KDS training registration counters.

2. Credit cards and cheque payments are accepted for corporate customers.

3. Cheques must be payable to THE TRANSPORT COMPANY (MOWASALAT)

Working Hours

Main Branch Street No. 37 East Industrial Area Road : 07:00am-6:00pm

Mansoura Branch: 4:00pm-8:00pm