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Professional Bus Driver Training

Course Description

The program is designed with a strong focus on  defensive driving, safe loading and unloading passengers as well as economical driving. Practical sessions are conducted after the completion the theoretical sections.  Simulations of numerous driving situations will be shadowed and assessed by KDS Driver Assessors. Students will have to undertake a final theoretical and practical test to demonstrate their new knowledge and driving skills.

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Course Outline:


1. Customer Service

1.1. Bus driver’s responsibility

1.2. Do’s and don’ts as a Karwa Bus Driver

1.3. Dealing with customers


2. Qatar Knowledge

2.1. Map reading

2.2. Major roads & places of interest


3. Rational and Defensive Driving

3.1. Causes of accidents

3.2. Safe & economic driving

3.3. 13 elements of safe driving

3.4. Emergency situations

3.5. Driving environment


4. Driver’s Health & Safety

4.1. Driver’s health

4.2. Passenger safety

4.3. Driver safety


5. Vehicle Familiarisation

5.1. Different types of buses

5.2. Kentkart

Requirements to enroll

  • Karwa Bus Driver
  • Valid Qatar Driving License
  • Valid Qatar ID
  • 2 photos

Fee Structure

Payment Methods

  • Bank card 
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Working Hours

Main Branch Street No. 37 East Industrial Area Road : 07:00am-6:00pm

Mansoura Branch: 4:00pm-8:00pm